Just like any other bike, but with a twist.

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What are eBikes?

Ebikes are just like any ordinary bicycle, with a bit of a twist. Battery operated and installed with a motor, Ebikes assist riders in reaching various speeds and distances that the ordinary cycler could not, through either the use of full throttle or pedal assist.

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All of our e-bikes have thumb throttle


Varying on the different bike models, all of our e-bikes have either suspended or non-suspended forks


Venture Gear bikes all in operation with disc brakes


Our e-bikes are equipped with Samsung lithium ion rechargeable batteries with voltages that vary between 36V and 48V and amp hours that range from 7,8Ah to 14,5Ah


Venture Gear e-bikes use Shimano derailleur with speeds that range between 6 and 10


The motors that our e-bikes operate with are Xofo or Bafang and are either hub or mid motors. Our Motor sizes are 250w,500w and 700w


All e-bikes are built with aluminium alloy frames


Our e-bikes make use of mostly Kenda tyres

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